“At 14, I decided to travel to Cambodia with my father and best friend, with few expectations that this would be any different from the other mission trips I went on. However, as soon as I stepped off the plane, I immediately fell in love with the Cambodian culture. Their kindness, simplicity, and compassionate way of living was something I could never forget. They continue to impact me and help me grow as an individual every time i go back. I look forward to returning each year to renew the deep friendships I have made and to explore new experiences across the country.” – Kristina


“I found a home away from home with great food, exciting adventures and an amazing family. The spontaneity of the experiences with each of the kids was priceless and added to the trip in a way nobody could possibly plan for.” – Aaron



FullSizeRender“Although I fell in love with every part of the beautiful country, the most memorable moments were seeing the kids smiles. Knowing I did something to bring out their smiles means the world to me, I’ve never met such loving kids.”

– Tori




20140804_125015“Seeing their smiles, and connecting with them on a personal level, was the most rewarding part of the entire trip. These orphans had practically nothing but each other, and that was more than enough. Even though we couldn’t communicate with words, they taught me so much. Just playing “Simon Says” and making bracelets with them brought two diverse cultures,
thousands of miles away, much closer.” – Chloe



IMG_1354“The best night at the orphanage was the last night we were there. You don’t realize what an impact you’ve made on each other’s lives until its time to say goodbye. I fee blessed to have been able to take part in this experience”

– Jessica



20150811_190221“The best memory that I have from the trip is with these guys, in addition to all the other kids. Being able to share smiles and fun with them was one of the best experiences of my life.”  – Calvin



krissyCAMBO“Each year is a new and beautiful experience. This is just one of the 27 children who have impacted my life and continue to fill my heart with joy every time I remember our moments together. They have taught me more about myself in 10 days than I have ever learned in my life.”– Kristina





JordanB Cambo

“Amazing eye opening experience that has changed the way I look at my own daily life.” – Jordan






morgan_cambo“The most enjoyable part of the trip was entering the orphanage every day and the excitement that filled the air.“– Morgan